Guide to Italy Kayaking Holidays

An Italy kayaking trip can take you down fast-flowing mountain rivers, across beautiful lakes, through rolling countryside, and around a fascinating coastline. Italy’s varied landscape means that it is a fantastic place to enjoy a kayaking or canoeing holiday.

Italy Kayaking Flickr image by  Leslie Veen

Italy’s mountain regions are a big draw for kayakers. In the Alps, you’ll find white-water running past pretty villages and snow-capped peaks. The Noce River is the biggest destination, offering some truly spectacular and often challenging kayaking. The area around the Vale di Sole, is the place to go, with rapids up to class 5 to tackle. The Piedmont region, in the North West, is another popular place to kayak. Its rivers tend to be steep, but rewarding for those with the experience to take them on. Away from the Alps, the Tuscany’s Lima River is a great choice for easy, picturesque kayaking.

Italy’s mountain lakes are perfect for exploring on the water. The northern lakes region includes several huge lakes, including Garda, Como and Maggiore. It’s easy to pick up hire canoes and kayaks along the waterside, and set off for an adventure. Even beginners should be able to kayak safely on the lakes if they stick to the shoreline.

Italy’s long and beautiful coastline makes it an amazing place for sea kayaking. The sport has grown in popularity in recent years, making it easier than ever to do. You could find yourself paddling across the Venice lagoon and along its canals. You could explore the often wild and remote coast of the island of Sardinia. You could spend many days exploring the Tuscan archipelago, considered to be one of the world’s best sea kayaking destinations.

When it comes to an Italy kayaking holiday, you’ll be truly spoilt for choice.


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